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Experience combining a back-ground of more than 30 years covering current affairs, business, travel and feature stories in Asia and beyond, the dedicated team at Asia Reports focuses to deliver accurate film content for clients – on deadline!


Filming short and long – form documentary, ‘breaking news’ features as well as INGO presentations for on-line sites. Same-day delivery of broadcast footage and news packages when required. Filming with the new Sony FS7 and FS5 35mm cameras in 4K and HD, with special attention to client needs.


Documenting events and conferences for organizations – using both video and photography when requested – providing complete or select coverage of events as they unfold.


Researching and preparing  the story and organizing film permits through the national film board as well as scouting locations for film projects.


Security background  analysis and in-depth research.


Translating  and communicating using translators suited for the particular subject matter for foreign crews arriving in Thailand and its surrounding region.


Producing corporate video presentations to provide the ideal media solution for the client, using both “in-house” staff along with a broad network of media experts.